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Craft Paper Background Texture and Vintage Style Design

Craft Paper Background Texture and Vintage Style Design

In this section we will introduce you how to create vintage style design using craft paper. The aged texture of the craft paper and the blurred texts give some nuances.

First, we will create a craft paper background texture in Photoshop and paste texts and design parts using the Illustrator to the Photoshop image.

In this tutorial, you can learn important techniques such as creating craft paper texture (Photoshop) and blurring texts (Illustrator). You have to go through many steps but you will be able to complete it if you follow each step carefully.

Step01 Create New File in Photoshop

First, we will create the craft paper texture in Photoshop.

Open the [New] dialog box in Photoshop and set the size 800 x 600 pixel as shown above.

Step02 Fill the Layer

Click [Layer > New Paint Bucket > Fill] and set the color #958054.

Step03 Create a New Layer

Click [Layer > New > Layer] (or [Create New Layer] in the layer panel).Layer 1 is created.

Step04 Apply Cloud Pattern 1 and Cloud Pattern 2

Apply [Filter > Draw > Cloud 1] on the created layer 1. Next, apply [Filter > Draw > Cloud 2].

Step05 Apply Emboss

Click [Filter > Technique > Emboss]. Emboss is applied on the layer 1.

Step06 Change the Draw Mode to [Linear Light]

Change the draw mode of the layer 1 [Linear Light] with the [Layer Panel] (Window > Layer).

Step07 Craft Paper Texture is Completed!

Linea Light is applied on the layer 1 and the creased craft paper like background texture is completed.

Step08 Insert Text with Illustrator

Next, we will create design parts using Illustrator.

Input text to be the base with the Illustrator. We use thick Arial font here.

For later tasks, outline the text (Right Click > Outline), ungroup, create compound path (Object > Compound Path > Create) and lock the layer.

(Retaled Articles:How to shape and modify texts using Illustrator)

Step09 Blur Text

Now we blur the text.

Draw randomly with rough brush on the text. We used [Art_Charcoal/Pencil] here.

Step10 Put the Brush Behind the Text

Next, divide the appearance of the brush (Object > Appearance) and create Compound Path (Object > Compound Path > Create).

Move the brush layer behind the text (Right Click > Order > To Back).

Step11 Trim with Pathfinder

Unlock the text layer and select the both text and brush layer.

Open [Pathfinder Panel] (Window > Pathfinder) and click [Trim Back Object].

Step12 Blurred Text Completed

The text is trimmed in the back object and now it is blurred.

Please see How to create blurred stamp illustration for further techniques about blurring texts.

Step13 Paste the Text on the Craft Paper Texture

Paste the text created in Illustrator on the craft paper texture.

Check [Pixel] when the [Paste Form] dialog box appears.

Step14 Change the Text Draw Mode to Soft Light

Change the pasted text draw mode into [Soft Light].

Activate the text layer and click [Soft Light] in the [Layer Panel].

Step15 the Text Blended into the Background

[Soft Light] is applied on the text and it blended nicely on the craft paper texture!

Step16 Extract Ink Symbol with Illustrator

Extract spilled ink image in Illustrator.

In Illustrator and click [Symbol Panel > Right Arrow Click, Open Symbol Library, Dark Vector Pack].  Drag and drop the [Dark Vector Pack 10] on the art board and copy it.

Step 17 Paste Spilled Ink on the Craft Paper

Paste the extracted [Dark Vector Pack 10] into Photoshop (pixel format) and change the draw mode into [Soft Light].

Step 18 Paste Other Design Parts on the Craft Paper

Similarly, paste other symbols on the craft paper and change the draw mode into [Soft Light].

Extract symbols from Illustrator using the example above and paste them (if necessary, reverse or resize the symbols).


Lastly, paste text under “Design Tips” and you are done!

By changing the draw mode into [Soft Light] in Photoshop, the text and symbol blend well with the craft paper texture.

Paper texture is often used in design. You can create different types of textures by changing the color, emboss settings and draw mode. Explore the possibility.

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