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How to Create a Ruled Postcard

How to Create a Ruled Postcard

In this section we will introduce you how to create a ruled postcard in Illustrator. The combination of the small illustration and ruling lines is wonderful. It looks easy but we use some detailed techniques.

Please master this and use the techniques you learned from the previous tutorials.

Step01 Set the Postcard Background

First, set the postcard background.

Select Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle as big as possible.

Set any color you like. In the example above, we selected fill #91CBE5 no line. Lock the layer so the background will not move for later tasks.

Step02 Draw Heart

Next, we draw a flower illustration to be inserted at the right of the postcard.

Draw a slightly vertical heart using the Pen Tool. If you do not know how, please see How to draw a four-leaf clover (extracting a heart from brush).

Step03 Rotate and Copy Heart and Create Flower Illustration

Select the heart created in Step02 and click [Effect > Path Transform > Transform]. [Transform Effect Dialog Box] appears. Set the preference using the example above.

Click OK and the heart gets rotated and copied, and the flower illustration is complete.

Step04 Create Grass Illustration

Next, create the grass illustration on the right of the postcard.

Create a narrow rectangle using the example above. Fill: White, Line: No.

Step05 Acuminate Rectangle

Acuminate the rectangle from Step04.

Select the two points on the right using the [Direct Selection Tool] as shown above. Click [Order Panel (Window > Order) Vertically Central Order].

Then the selected two points merge into one and the rectangle is acuminated.

Step06 Save as Brush

Save the shape created in Step05 as a brush.

Select the shape and drag & drop it to [Brush Panel (Window > Brush)]. [New Brush Dialog Box] appears. Select [Art Brush].

Step07 Art Brush Option

Next, [Art Brush] dialog box appears. Set the preference as shown above. Click OK.

Step08 Draw Grass Base with Pen Tool

Next, draw the grass base on the right of the postcard using [Pen Tool].

Step09 Apply Brush

Select the two lines you have just drawn. Apply the brush you have just saved.

The brush is applied on the lines drawn by Pen Tool and you now have the grass illustration.

Step10 Arrange Flower on Postcard

Next, minify & copy the flowers created in Step03. Arrange them randomly around the grass.

Now you have the illustration for the postcard! The only thing left is the ruling lines.

Step11 Arrange Rounded Rectangle

Draw a rounded rectangle using the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Place it on the left.

Step12 Draw 2 Lines

Next, we arrange ruling lines.

We can draw each line one by one but we will use the convenient tool called Blend Tool this time.

Arrange 2 lines on top and bottom as shown above. Set the color light gray (#F2F2F2). (The top line is the beginning and the bottom is the last).

Step13 Blend Option

Click [Object > Blend > Blend Option].

Step14 Set Step Number

[Blend Option] dialog box appears. Input Step Number 20. (20 means you will have 20 lines inserted between the 2 lines in Step12).

Step15 Apply Blend

Select the two lines from Step12. Click [Object > Blend > Create].

Step16 Ruled Postcard Complete

Blend is applied and now you have 20 lines between the 2 lines.

If you are not satisfied with the number of the lines, try changing the step number.

Now you have ruling lines completed. Lastly, expand the object [Blend > Expand].


Now you have a wonderful postcard!

The flower illustration adds a nice touch.

The important techniques in this tutorial are brush use and applying blend. You will use this often in design so try mastering them.

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