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How to Optimize Work with Photoshop Action

How to Optimize Work with Photoshop Action

In this section we will talk about Photoshop Action feature.

You can optimize your work in Photoshop with Action File. Photoshop comes with Action File which clip out photos or turn them into sepia automatically with one click. This is a very convenient feature with lots of capabilities.

Please refer to the table of contents below to get to know Action File.

1. What is Action File?

Action File is a file which records Photoshop working processes.

For example, it automatically clips an image when you operate an image clipping file. Furthermore, it also automatically modifies and alters image textures.

When you need to repeat the same action over and over, you can optimize the process by using Action File. This is a very convenient feature.

If you do not find a feature you use often in the file, you can create your own Action File.

You can also find free or paid actions online. You can download actions with interesting features or ones which give you professional outcomes.

2. View Action Panel

Action Panel is not displayed by default.

Start Photoshop, click [Window > Action] and display Action Panel.

In [Initial Action Setting] in Action Panel, you will find several files registered.

There are more files registered files. Display the menu with the Panel arrow.

[Command – Video Action] are the registered Actions. Each folder contains several Action Files.

3. Add/Remove Action File

You will need to add Action when it is not there by default.

Click the folder and a new Action will be added under [Initial Action].

Click the dustbin icon in order to remove a folder or a file.

4. How to Install Downloaded Action File

Extract any compressed file before installing it on Photoshop.

Click the Action Panel arrow and select [Read Action].

Open a file which contains Action Files and select a file you want to install.

Now the downloaded Action File is installed on Photoshop.

5. How to Use Action

In order to operate an Action File, select the Action File you want to use and click Play button (triangle). However, note that some files require selection or text insertion before operation.

Step01 Operate [Splash] in Action

Have a picture ready in Photoshop and click [Select Splash > Play Button (Triangle)].

Now, it automatically operates the task you want.

If you need to redo or go back to the previous task, use History.


You get the rough white frame around the image. You can see that one click is all it takes to complete the task.

This type of simple tasks can get tiresome when you need to repeat them many times. This feature can save your time greatly.

6. How to Create Original Action

When you decide the task you want to perform, make a brief note.

The action we will create spaces to add captions on a [800px x 600px] sized photo.

Step01 Create Action Folder and File

Have an image ready and create a new Action Panel set (folder icon).

Next, create a new action and click [Record]. The task is recorded when Action Panel record button turns red.

*It would be convenient to gather up similar Actions into a set.

Step 02 Record Tasks

Create a comment column.

Arrange a rounded rectangle and a shape crayon under the picture and adjust the place and the size.

*Click the Stop button when you want to redo or cancel the task.

To continue recording, click the Record button.

Step03 Stop Recording

When you complete all the tasks, click on Stop button (■ icon)and finalize.

Each task is displayed when filing a rounded rectangle.

You can finish the process after confirming whether it is recorded correctly.

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