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How to make a cherry blossom blizzard illustration

How to make a cherry blossom blizzard illustration

This time I would like to introduce how to draw an illustration of cherry blossom petals and a cherry blossom blizzard on Illustrator. The cherry blossoms being blown by the wind scattering all at once are very pretty, aren’t they? Making this into an illustration might seem difficult at first and become troublesome.

However, because Illustrator has a convenient function, just by understanding this trick, it can be easily made.

This time, let’s try to make this beautiful cherry blossom blizzard illustration simply.

Step01 Make the cherry blossom petal illustration

At first, set [Art board: 800pxX600px]. Please refer to How to Create Cherry Blossoms in Illustrator without Using Pen Tool and make a cherry blossom petal with the above picture’s size.

Like in the aforementioned picture’s cherry blossom petal, for those who want to make a flower petal with the tip a little bit narrower, after making the ellipse, before 「Cut」, please convert the upper and lower anchor points.

Step02 Set the fill for the cherry blossom petal to gradation

Set the colour for [Gradation: Circular]. (It is fine to just choose a colour you like.) In this state, the gradation will come from the middle of the cherry blossom petal, so fine-tune the position.

Drag the 「Gradation tool」, and after displaying the 「Gradation bar」, please make it so that, like in the above picture, the cherry blossom petal’s bottom point is matched with the gradation bar’s largest circle and the gradation’s light colour comes lower.

Step03 Make different coloured cherry blossom petals

Copy the cherry blossom petal made in step02 and change the colour like in the above picture.

It is fine to have the colour as you like, and for those who do not mind not changing the colour, just copy it.

Step04 Line up the petals in a line

To make a lot of petals, use the [Blend] function.

Line up 2 flower petals at both ends and [Object→Blend→Blend option],[Object→Blend→Create].

When you do that, between the lined up petals 14 petals will be made.

Step05 Line up the petals

Line up the row of petals made in Step05 like in the above picture to fill up the art board.

Copy down using (shift+Alt) and drag, and in that state, <Ctrl+D> 6 times, and make in total 8 rows. It is fine to extend beyond the art board.

With that, the art board is filled up with lines of petals. Even in this state, it seems like it could be used satisfactorily as an illustration or background.

Step06 Unevenly replace the left and right rows

This is not necessary for those who did not change colours in step02.

Like in the above picture, while pressing Shift, select one row of petals, and using [Blend→Turn blend axis], each rows left and right colours will be replaced.

step07 Separate into individual objects

Though at a glance many cherry blossom petals are lined up, there are in reality only the two petal objects on both ends. In this state, it is impossible to edit the middle petals, so [Object→Blend→Extend] and transform into individual petals.

Also, because each row is still in a [Group], with that selected, please [Right click→Delete group].

Step08 Scatter the flower petals and make a cherry blossom blizzard

To make it look like a cherry blossom blizzard, while changing the size of the flower petals, scatter them.

Select all the petals, and by [Right click→Transform individually], please set the options like in the above picture.

With that, a cherry blossom blizzard is finished.

Step09 Cut out the petals that stick out

Because petals are sticking out from the 「art board」, by using 「Clipping mask」 cut out the excess petals.

Make a rectangle the same size as the 「art board」, and after overlapping the 「art board」 like in the above picture, select all and finish with [Object→Clipping Mask→Create]. The colour simply makes it easier to understand.

Actually, 「Clipping mask」 does not actually cut, but just hides the extra parts. For those who find clipping masks troublesome, I think it is fine to just move the flower petals that stick out or delete them.


How to make a cherry blossom blizzard illustration

With that, the cherry blossom blizzard illustration is finished.

This background uses a rectangle the same size as the “art board” and ellipses that have a gradation that is similar to the cherry blossom petals. Just by changing the background, it will become another different illustration.

I think it was easier to make than it seemed. Please try making a lovely illustration and arranging it in a variety of ways.

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