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How to Create Cute Tape in Illustrator

How to make cute tape on IllustratorIn this section we will introduce you how to create cute tape designs in Illustrator.

They can be a small accent if you pair them up with photos or illustrations.

This time, ou might feel it is difficult because you make your own pattern and use [pen tool] in the middle, but it is easier than you think it is to make so by all means, please try challenging this.

Step01 Make Dot Pattern

Like in the picture above, draw circles and squares one-by-one, and display the outline.

[Right click→Outline]

Step02 Overlap the circle and the square

Like in the picture above, while copying the circle by (Alt+drag) overlap the centre of the circle so that it matches with the corner of the square, and the very middle is matched with the circle and the square centre.

Select all (Alt+drag), copy & paste to create more of them.

Step03 Add colour to dots

Return to the preview display by [Right click→Preview]

Because 2 were made in step02, make 2 types of dots – blue and yellow.

Do not fill or outline the square.

Step04 Register pattern

Register the dot pattern you made as a swatch.

Select the blue dots and make a pattern by dragging it to the swatch panel. Select it together with the rectangle with no outline or fill please.

Please register the yellow to the same swatch.

Step05 Make tape

Make the cut edge of the tape.

While holding shift with the [Pen tool], draw a straight line, and to make this line jagged, after setting like in the above picture to make it jagged [Effect→Path transform→Jagged], please separate the appearance by [Object→Separate appearance]

Please refer to What’s the “appearance” and what does it mean to divide it? to learn more about separating appearance.

Step06 Connect path

To make one more of the jagged made in step06 to the right, while pressing (Alt+Drag)+Shift, move it to the left horizontally.

Using 「Pen tool」, connect the top and bottom and left and right.

Step7 Modifying the jagged edge

Modify the jagged edge

Thought it is fine like this, I think I want to make it look more real. Using 「Direct selection tool」, modify the jagged anchor points like in the picture above.

Though colour is still not added yet, it looks considerably like tape, doesn’t it? Because 2 types will be made, copy one more time please.

Step08 Add pattern and colour to the tape

Set the fill to blue with no outline.

Select fill on [Appearance panel], and click the parts where marked red in the example above and add a filled appearance. Then click the dot pattern from step04 to create another dot pattern.

The dot pattern on top of a fill has been made. Do the same with the other tape as well.

Step09 Two Cute Tapes are Created

The two cute tapes have been completed. The colour scheme is also displayed above.

Since we have completed the task, we can customize them a little.

Step10 Pattern modification

The pattern size is a little too big. Let’s make it smaller.

Select the tape and double click [Magnify/reduce tool], then set the settings like in the above picture. With that, the pattern itself has gotten slightly smaller dots.

About the pattern transformation, please refer to How to transform just the middle of the pattern without changing the object shape on Illustrator.


How to make cute tape on Illustrator

How was it?

This time, it was easier than it looked, even though I made a pattern myself and also used Pen Tool.

In this tutorial I used blue and yellow. You can also create tapes with different colors for different outcomes. Try various kind of tapes with your favorite colors.

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