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Spring Post Card Design Tutorial

Spring Post Card Design Tutorial

In this section we will introduce you how to create a spring postcard.

The contrast of gradational color and the flowers are beautiful. This postcard is perfect for the refreshing spring. There are detailed techniques everywhere, you will learn a lot from this tutorial.

Now, let’s start making the postcard.

Step01 Draw the Ground Surface

First, draw the ground surface.

Using the example above, draw an outlined rectangle on the art board. Fill it with #A7C520.

Step02 Apply Warp Tool

Apply wave on the ground surface.

Select [Warp Tool], drag the surface of the rectangle in a zig zag manner.

Step03 Warp Tool is Applied

[Warp Tool] is applies and the ground the surface turned wavy.

If [Warp Tool] cannot be applied well double click [Warp Tool] and adjust the size and intensity of the brush size.

 Step04 Create Gradation Mesh

Create gradation mesh on the ground surface.

Select the ground surface. Click [Object -> Create Gradation Mesh].

Step05 Setting of Create Gradation Mesh

[Create Gradation Mesh] dialog pops up. Set the preference using the example.

Step06 Gradation Mesh is Applied

Gradation Mesh is applied on the ground surface.

Step07 Select the Top Two Layers

Select the top two layers of the gradation mesh.

Drag only the top two layers using the [Direct Selection Tool] using the example above. (Selected anchor points turn into black from white.)

Fill it with #8CC63F after dragging.

Step08 Gradation is Applied on the Surface Ground

Gradation is applied on the top two layers.

Now the ground surface is completed.

 Step09 Draw the Blossom Tree Using the Pen Tool

Draw the blossom tree using the Pen Tool.

Try to draw it using the outline above. If you do not know how to use the Pen Tool, refer to How to Create Cherry Tree illustration for Illustrator Beginners for drawing a blossom tree without using the Pen Tool.

Step10 The Ground and the Cherry Blossom Trees are Completed

Falling blossom petals are added under the tree.

It is getting more like a postcard.

Step11 Draw the Sky

Next, draw the sky.

Create a rectangle on the top of the art board using the example above. Set gradient of blue turning white.

The sky is completed

Step12 Create the Cloud

Next, create the cloud.

You could draw the cloud with the Pen Tool but this time we make one by combining ovals. Combine ovals using the example above. Click [Pathfinder -> (Window -> Pathfinder) -> Union].

We used the same technique in the section How to Create a Speech Balloon Illustration. Refer to it for further details.

Step13 Arrange the clouds

Arrange the created clouds in the sky.

In the example, two different sized clouds are arranged.

Step14 Create the flowers

Lastly, create the flowers.

Draw a circle using the Eclipse Tool, set the line and fill color the same.

Step15 Setting the Line Panel Preference

Set the Line Panel preference using the example above.

The lines turned into petals!

If the setting above does not work, try adjusting the line width and spacing.

Step16 Finish Up with Drawing the Stems and the Leaves

The illustration is completed by drawing the stems and leaves using the Pen Tool.

Paint it with your preferred color using the example above.


Spring Post Card Design Tutorial

Arrange the flowers and the text on the art board.

Now you have a refreshing spring postcard. The coloring is beautiful, isn’t it?

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