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15 Free Fonts All Designers Must Know

In this article, I summed up downloadable free fonts. These are all beautiful, not over the top fonts carefully selected from international websites.

A font is a crucial aspect in design. Stocking good fonts help you in all sorts of situations.


It is simple, yet, comes with some character.  Great readability even when minimized.

Sofia Pro

Modern, simple, and beautiful. This goes well with text and headings. Sofia Pro Light is free to download.

Champagne &Limousines

The free font is relatively rounded and vertically long. The “&” is distinctive.

Novecento wide

The font is relatively wide horizontally. “O” and ”Q” are long and especially beautiful. 6 font types come for free.

Jenna Sue font

This is a handwriting looking free font. The rough style gives a nice impression.


The font is relatively long vertically and looks better with a certain amount of number of words.The normal “Florence” comes for free.


This is a rounded TrueTypeFont free font. It would be suitable for a logo design and a headline.

Samo Sans

This is a balanced font. It would look great when capitalized and un-capitalized letters combined.


This font is thick and has a childish character. You can download “Banda Regular” for free.


This free font is thick and sturdy looking. It might remind you of a good old western film. It would go well with old style designs.


This font is rather this and stylish. It comes with 6 different types of free fonts.

Sketch Block

This is a well-known free font. The pencil filled letters are distinctive.

Shit Happens font

This is a cursive free font. It’s flowing and beautiful.


The straight lines are beautiful with this font. This is recommended for accents and something that needs some impact as it does not come with small letters.

Illegal Curves Font

This is a distinctive font, somewhat futuristic. It would go great with certain designs.

That’s all for the 15 must-know fonts for designers.

They are all beautiful fonts, aren’t they? Fonts can change the quality of design greatly. A designer should stock as many good fonts as possible.

The fonts introduced here are all free, however, there are restrictions for commercial uses. Please read the cautionary statement on the linked pages before downloading.

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