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About Cookie and Beacon

On this website, we use technologies called Cookie and Web Beacon on some pages.

Cookie is cumulated text data to be sent to your Cookie file on your hard disk. From this information, our website can recognize who is accessing our website.

Cookie usually contains information such as a domain name of the original host, “life duration”, and a value. This value is usually a randomly generated unique number. Nowadays use of Cookie has become the standard for websites. Numerous websites use Cookie to provide valuable features to their customers.

Cookie identifies a customer’s computer, however, it does not identify the user him/herself. Web Beacon (also known as Clear GIF) is a technology to know a number of visits for each page.

This Website May Use Cookie

In order to provide customized service for each user, we may use Cookie for the convenience of the users. The Cookie is set when a user access to a customized page or when logged in.

We may also use Cookie to calculate the number of visitors as well as for advertisement purposes.

Enable/Disable Cookie

You can enable of disable Cookie on your browser settings. You can also delete the cookie which is stored in your browser’s Cookie folder. However, disabling Cookie may limits some features on this website.

For further information on disabling and deleting Cookie on your browser, please refer to the Help section on your browser and select “Cookie”.

We use third-party advertising services on this website. The advertisement companies display products and service ads according to your interests and they may collect your web history information for this website as well as other websites. (This information does not include name, address, email address, or phone number.) Please click HERE for detailed information on this process and how to disable sending messages to the third party companies.



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